Farm In The City ~ An Eden of Nature and Animals


Located in Seri Kembangan about 20 minutes drive from Kuala Lumpur, Farm In The City (FITC) is a unique conservation park that combines the thrills of wildlife with the beauty of nature.

Set in a specially-designed environment that similar to a typical Malaysian village or “Kampung”,  FITC is completely cage-less and the animals are allowed to roam freely in visitor-friendly enclosures.

The lovely petting zoo encourages visitor-interactions with the animals and plant-life in a comfortable yet authentic environment instead of just a viewing exhibit. Here, visitors can feed, touch and play with over 100 species of animals.

Spread across an area of 7 acres, FITC is divided into sections which offer educational and entertaining insight into the lifestyle and setting of a Malaysian village, farm and fruit orchard with its natural plants and wildlife. It also educates visitors on the various aspects of farm and animal life as well as wildlife conservation and preservation.

Farm In The City is the perfect place for everyone to gain knowledge and educate them about animals and nature. It is a unique place for you to organise any memorable event and impress your guests with these animals.

Let’s begin the fun journey here!

Walk-thru Free-Flight Bird Aviary
A large and airy enclosure where birds fly free. Visitors can interact with the birds of various species, sizes and colours by feeding and petting them as well as enjoying the nature’s musical orchestra made by the feathered friends.

Try to get a chance to snap the beautiful peacock showing off by spreading its tail.

Reptiles Cavern
Experience the world of reptiles. Walk through the uniquely designed enclosure which houses the longest species of python, the smallest species of crocodile, monitor lizard and the mangrove snakes. Be alert when you enter the Reptiles Cavern as they are everywhere. Remember to watch to your left and right, sometimes even above of you as well. 

Moods Lake (World of Geese and Ducks)
A large rippling lake of clear water which is home to mandarin ducks, whistling ducks, emperor geese, Canada geese, cape shelducks, ruddy shelducks, common shelducks, caroline ducks, pelicans, black swans and white swans, as well as koi fishes and talapias. You can summon thousands of koi fish by ringing a bell, then feed them with the prepared fish pellets.

Rabbit & Pet Village
Have an amazing experience with the cute and cuddly rabbits and guinea pigs! You are encouraged to interact and pet these animals, as well as feed them with fresh vegetables and watch them nibble it off. It is definitely an experience not to be missed. 

Traditional Longkang Fishing
The Malaysian children’s past-time of dredging for fish in the “longkang” or drain is recreated  to remind all visitors about part of our cultural heritage that deserves presevation. It is definitely a fun sight to watch parents and children working together in the effort to catch fast swimming fishes. It will be a wonderful family time together.

Jungle Walk
Visitors walk through the ‘real’ jungle which houses the world’s largest and heaviest African rodents – crested porcupine, the cute petite Kirk Dik Dik, the naughty and cheeky common marmoset, the rare species of white peacock and the friendly Himalayan striped squirrel, as well as the shy green and red iguana that hiding within the tree branches.

Malaysian Vegetables and Fruit Farm
The farm is specially designed to resemble typical Malaysian Village-style vegetable farm and orchard with over 100 types of tropical fruit trees and plants. At the end, you will find the specially built traditional well to recap the memories for those who stayed in ‘Kampung’ before.

Don’t worry about being disturbed as the farm has its lifelike Scarecrows to guard the whole area.

Please wear your mask, wash and sanitise your hands frequently, as well as keep a safe distance with others while visiting the farm. Have a safe & wonderful day out with your loved ones!


Lot 40187-40188, Jalan Prima Tropika Barat,
Bandar Putra Permai,
Seri Kembangan, 43300 Selangor.
Tel: 603-8941 2099 . 603-8941 3099
Facebook: Farm In The City 城の农场


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