Unfold Stories behind Melaka’s Inheritance @ State-of-the-art Theatre ~ Encore Melaka


Encore Melaka theatre is a landmark of contemporary architecture in Melaka, hiding inside its six centuries of Melaka history. The theatre comprises of blue and white, colours of purity and eternity, and its simplicity design reflects the unpretentious society inviting the world to the compelling story of Melaka. The rich atmospheric ambiance of the interior facade is a preamble of the fullness of Encore Melaka performance.

Encore Melaka is excited to present a mesmerising performance with a series of touching life stories of the locals. It will be an immerse visual and auditory experience for the audience. Expect to see astounding projection mapping, intricate theatre props and carefully chosen costumes. The inclusiveness of Melaka is expressed through the blend of traditional and contemporary dance performs by 200 local performers in approximately 70 minutes.

The Encore Melaka performance will be presented in a new genre and innovative art production, which is 360 degree rotating audience platform with more than 2,000 seating capacity and a 240-meter long stage. Through the vivid combination of audio and lighting, audience will not be seated passively but would be made as one of the performers. Throughout the performance, there will be a 3-D projection mapping with intriciate theatre props creating a virtual reality that allows audience to travel through times.






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No. 3 Jalan KSB – Impression 8,
Impression City @ Kota Syahbandar,
75200 Melaka, Malaysia.
Tel: 606-270 7700 (Customer Service) or 606-270 7777 (Box Office)
Email: enquiry@encore-melaka.com
Facebook: encore-melaka

Box Office Counter
Monday – Saturday : 10am -10pm
Sunday : 10am -7pm


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