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A mansion where style and luxury meet, from traditional Korean Houses to luxurious modern European Houses in Seoul for you to choose from. Find the space, style and facilities to make your meeting or event a unique and memorable experience set in a sophisticated setting and private surrounding.

Namsangol Hanok Village, a village of traditional Korean houses in the Namsan Valley, was opened to public in 1998 with five restored hanok houses from the Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910), traditional garden, a traditional theatre named Gugakdang and a time capsule square.

The Seoul Millennium Time Capsule commemorating Seoul’s 600 Year Anniversary was buried in 1994 at the highest point of the village and is scheduled to be reopened four hundred years later in 2394.

The ancient village offers a range of traditional programs and activities such as wearing hanbok, folding hanji (traditional Korean paper), learning hangeul (Korean writing system), traditional tea ceremony, herbal medicine experience and playing yutnori (traditional board game), as well as diverse performances including taekwondo performance.

With a taste of the traditional Korean traditions and culture, Namsangol Hanok Village is an idea cultural place to host any event in a serene and tranquil atmosphere while escaping from the bustling city life of modern times.

Yeong Bin Gwan, a luxurious and elegant hanok-style guesthouse surrounding a courtyard in the grounds of the Shilla Seoul. The two-story Korean traditional style mansion was originally opened  in 1967 as a guesthouse to accommodate foreign VIPs, and now it is a distinctive dining and event space in the heart of Seoul.

Capturing the picturesque landscape and vibrant history of Korea, Yeong Bin Gwan conveys the splendour and grandeur of the country’s royal palaces. The architecture comprises two floors in traditional Korean style, with a façade reminiscent of the Shilla era. The roof and walls are adorned with delicate paintings detailing Korea’s ancient dynasties.

With its traditional Korean architecture and sophisticated interiors, Yeong Bin Gwan is an exclusive venue for prestigious banquets, VIP meetings, parties, corporate dinners and wedding celebrations. The venue consists of three banquet halls namely Emerald, Ruby and Topaz, with a capacity of 100 to 250 guests at one time.

Beyond the entrance, the space opens up to an impressive hall that extends into a majestic garden with a fountain centerpiece, creating the ideal wedding venue in the heart of Seoul.

Aston House, designed in elegant Jacobean style and inspired by Aston Hall, offering an exotic atmosphere of a 17thcentury British royal mansion with classic Korean interior design.

The mansion’s first floor can be divided by partitions into Lavender Room, Jasmine Room and Angelica Room where its second floor consists of a small banquet room, and equiped with VIP suites and private dining room.

With the distinctive European-style setting complimented by the breathtaking vistas of the Han River, the stylish indoor spaces and beautiful outdoor garden are ideal for family gatherings and special occasions such as wedding celebrations, private parties or product launches, which can accommodate about 50 to 200 people.

La Vie Douce, a secret mansion in the city of Seoul, acts as a unique and private venue with a spacious garden that can houses about 300 people. The mansion is the residence of the chairman of Hanjin Film Company that produced over 200 films for the past 40 years.

With a luxurious private concept, it resembles a European mansion as the limestones cover the surrounding walls and coral bricks inside. The mansion is known for being a versatile space for almost  every type of event to suit customer’s preferences, be it a private party, a social party, a wedding or a banquet.

The Grand La Bene has a unique feature in its design that seamlessly connects the inside of the mansion to the outside and blends it well with the surrounding nature, giving a calm and serene environment.

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