MITEC Awarded Green Building Index Certification (GBI)


The Malaysia International Trade & Exhibition Centre (MITEC) further fortifies its accolades with the latest success in obtaining the Green Building Index (GBI) certification, awarded by the GBI Accreditation Panel.

MITEC earned its stripes based on 11 winning practices that is instrumental for a Venue of its size to adhere to:

  1. Usage of recycle material during construction
  2. Installation of a 70% UV repellent glass
  3. Rainwater harvesting
  4. Co2 censors and fresh air fans
  5. Variable speed drives in the Centre’s chiller pumps
  6. Motion sensor in all public toilets
  7. Garden watering system based on timers
  8. Hand basin in kitchens with censors
  9. Building automation system applicable
  10. Mould prevention system
  11. No chemicals water treatment for cooling towers

“I am thankful for the experts whom we have worked with, to cultivate a culture and knowledge of sustainable designs and the practice of efficiency when it comes to impacting human health and the environment. I am also very proud of MITECians who are very receptive to the culture of preservation, it is the little habits in every day’s operations that count and make a great difference,” said Beissel.

He continued to explain, “The benefits of a green and well-maintained building seeps through in many ways. Tangible advantages for a building include increased property value, increased employee productivity and the platform for us to gain government and utility incentives. These benefits will enable MITEC to do more for the community. At the end of the day, it is about reducing carbon footprints and spreading the word out efficiently as the Centre is a massive convening point for business events”.

MITEC is on a continuous journey to progressively evolve in its green practices and highly welcomes knowledge sharing from all parties.

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