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The World of Korean Idols, SM Town@Coex Atrium will end its business by end of May for its SM Town Museum and end of Jun for the SM Town & Store. Let’s have a glimpse on this Asia No.1 SM Entertainment.

In 2014, SM Entertainment, one of Korea’s top music agencies, launched the very first “SM Town” within the Coex Artium theater building. SM Town offers local and international K-pop fans an exclusive peek into the lives of famous Korean music artists and celebrities, and has become famous with the opening of the SM Town Museum and SM Town External Media. Its musical theater has 808 seats and shows star-studded Korean musicals as well as international performances. 

SM Town Museum, the first venue that showcases the stories and history of SM Entertainment’s artists from their debut by albums, costumes and props, through various exhibitions including SM ARCHIVE, SPECIAL EXHIBITION and ARTIST GALLERY. The venue offers unique experiences and fun time, such as the SM content-creating tour, where imaginary meetings with SM artists utilising augmented reality or virtual reality. 

The biggest hologram theater in Korea showcases mostly SM artist’s concert videos on the fifth and sixth floors for special experience as well. The cultural playground not only enable you to feel and experience the traces of SM artists, also offering an experience to take vocal and dance classes just like your lovely SM Entertainment stars.

On top of it, there is a gift shop (2F) with memorabilia that artists actually wore or picked, a café, and a market (4F) where products with SM artists’ images are sold.

Exhibitions & Programmes

    Take a picture and make a video by experiencing augmented reality (AR) with artists.

    Special space to view the archives of SM artists through their costumes, props and activities.

    A new concept live studio hosted by SM artists on the spot. Also enjoy the programme through SMTOWN media outside at SMTOWN square.

  • SM Archive
    A space to learn and experience how your favourite SM artists make their albums, pictorials and music.

  • Special Exhibition
    Special exhibition of never-before-seen SM artists.

  • SMTown LIVE Beyond Story
    A space to see the brilliant stages of SMTOWN LIVE concerts and behind the scene backstage of the concert

    Learn how SM produces and trains their artists through NCT

    Enjoy the smart karaoke application ‘everysing’ where the artists actually recorded their songs

    Grab a piece of souvenir at the shop and get your photos and videos of you at SMTOWN MUSEUM

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