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You should definitely visit Menara Taming Sari, and enjoy the stunning 360-degree panoramic view of Melaka’s charming skyline on the revolving tower with your loved ones!

Menara Taming Sari, also known as Taming Sari Revolving Tower, the first gyro tower in Malaysia with a height of 110m. Strategically located in the popular district of Bandar Hilir on Jalan Merdeka, only 3 minutes’ walk from Mahkota Parade Shopping Centre and Dataran Pahlawan Megamall.

As it revolves 360-degree in the sky, it gives visitors a breathtaking panoramic view of Melaka town and beyond up to 5km. The air-conditioned viewing cabin hypnotically revolves as it rises from the ground to the top of the tower. Each session on the revolving tower lasts for about 7 to 8 minutes, and it can accommodate up to 66 visitors at one time.

Once it reaches the top, the beautiful skyline of UNESCO World Heritage City will take your breath away.

From the height of 80m, the scenic ride offers a sprawling view of Melaka as far as the eye can see, up to the Straits of Malacca, is clearly visible, especially in good weather, with the Melaka River running through the grand panorama below, as well as multiple ancient historical sites.

You will be able to have a clear view of St Paul’s Hill and Church, Samudera Museum and the ship, Flor De La Mar, building of Proclamation of Independence Memorial, Melaka Straits Mosque, Pulau Besar, along with several signature high-rise buildings in Melaka.

In addition, you will also admire the magnificient landscape of Melaka city with its fast and rapid development taking place in the state. In the evening ride, you can observe the golden sunset view and how the colourful city lights colour the night sky and skyline of Melaka.

Do you know how was the tower obtained its unique name as Menara Taming Sari? Apparently, the design and idea of the tower was inspired by a legendary weapon named “Taming Sari Keris”.

The mythical weapon was believed to be blessed with mystical powers and belonged to the Melaka’s legendary warrior, Hang Tuah, so they decided to make the revolving tower as a replicate of the powerful weapon.

Hence, the 110 metre tower was designed based on the shape of the legendary Taming Sari Keris, with the peak of the tower resembling its hilt. Built by using advanced Swiss technology, the tower’s structure also able to withstand earthquakes measuring up to 10 on the Richter scale.

Taking a ride and make your visit to historical Melaka, a truly enjoyable and memorable one. In addition to the wonderful experience to get a bird’s eye view of Melaka, the iconic landmark also fitted with commercial outlets consisting of food and beverage stalls and souvenir shops, including a relax and chill corner. Let’s eat, play and shop at one place!



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Jalan Merdeka, Banda Hilir, 75000 Melaka.
Tel: 606-288 1100 . 606-281 3366
Facebook: Menara Taming Sari


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