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As Korean wave becoming popular globally, the hallyu programme in Seoul is a must-have for incentive groups as well as international groups that flew in for business events. With its richness in contents and ability to satisfy diversified preference, the team building programmes enable participants practice and perform K-performance together with teammates, share the techniques learned with the group and work together to create a harmony, as well as strengthen teamwork while releasing stress.

However, with about 90 percent of the world under a travel restriction due to current coronavirus pandemic, we can only plan now and meet with the K-activities later at its homeland! Now, let’s explore how the Korean wave colours its entertainment and culture in Seoul, from traditional to modern Korean music and dances, traditional performing arts and martial arts, and you should definitely put one of it into your schedule or to-do list in future!

The rise of K-pop on the global stage is probably best represented by Psy’s Gangnam Style, which swept the world as soon as it was released in late 2012. The popularity of K-pop singers is largely based on their excellent vocal abilities, dazzling stage presence and well-choreographed, flawless dance performances among other things.

Being able to dance to K-pop song is one of the coolest things that a true K-pop fan would love to do. Learn how to move your body the same way as your idols do to your favourite K-pop tracks! Turn your passion into amazing dance moves and your trip to Seoul becomes so much more memorable with a K-pop dance class.

Real K-pop Dance studio, a place for K-pop fan to learn a choreographed group dance song. No prior dance experience needed! The class is opened for dancers of all levels, from beginners to experts and you need not to be afraid of showing your own styles and moves.

In the class, you will be taught by professional backup dancers who have experience performing together with famous K-pop stars such as Bing Bang, J.Y.J, Dong Bang Shin Ki (DBSK), Super Junior, Shinwa, Jang Keun-suk, Block B, Jang woo-hyuk, IU, SBS KPOP STAR training and more. In just 90 minutes, you will get to enjoy and master the latest K-Pop dances taught under special curriculums.

Golden CATs Studio is a hobby dance professional training company, offering a range of dances and performances, including Korean fan dance, samgomu (three-drum) dance, crown dance, janggu (Korean drum) dance, sal-puri dance, sogo dance and even K-drama K-pop fusion dances. The class also provides customised Korean dance classes and detailed personal training to meet the level of every individual, making the learning process easy and enjoyable for everyone.

One-day class at Golden CATs is perfectly prepared to satisfy all your needs. In the class, participants will practice and learn the basic movements, breathing and the understanding of Korean emotions and traditions, experiencing the overall flow of the selected Korean dance. After mastering a dance from detailed guidance by one of the professional dance instructors, participants will have a chance to perform their dance while wearing Korean dance costumes prepared by the studio.They will also get to try on Korean traditional garments while playing the drums and dance.

In addition, Golden CATs will film your performance and give the video as a gift, then you can relive every precious moment experienced. At the end, there will be a Korean dance certificate ceremony, where participants will receive a certificate at the award ceremony and cherish it as a special memory of the lesson. Make your own unique, special and unforgettable experience through participating in the Korean traditional music and dance classes of Golden CATs. This program is a great way to build the team spirit and release the stress together with the Korean drums and dance moves.

As the pandemic brought on-site concerts or activities to a complete standstill, the global show business sector, spanning from pop to classical music, has fast turned online, throwing live streaming charity concerts or other one time paid performances online. Going technically beyond such online performances, the new breed of k-pop live streaming concerts indicates the opening of a new chapter in show business, providing larger-than-life concert experiences online through advanced technology. With its highly choreographed performances and trendy styles, K-pop is well suited for video platform viewing, such as on YouTube!

“Beyond Live” is the first-ever paid concert conducted exclusively online in the world that SM launched in cooperation with Naver. Optimised for online, the lively concert presents diverse stages that combine dynamic performances, stage production with advanced AR and 3D graphic technologies, differentiated camera works and interactive live chat room between artists and global fans. In addition, the simultaneous screams of roaring fans were also steadily inserted to the show’s background through Sync Play service while the fans’ light sticks were connected to the show’s control center to change colour in sync with the show’s progress.

*K-pop Artists Photos Credit: SMT Entertainment 

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