Nature Inspired Wonderland – Phantasy Farm


Located in Port Dickson, near to the famous Teluk Kemang, Phantasy Farm is a nature inspired petting zoo with a range of attractions. Animals are always the main attraction especially in urban areas in Malaysia where chances to touch and play with them are scarce.

Now, this beautiful farm offers you an opportunity to get closer with the animals that are allowed to roam freely in uniquely designed enclosures.

You can touch, feed and play with hundreds of animals in the farm, as well as hop on to the elegant Cinderella carriage to be a-minute pretty Cinderella. 

In Alpaca Land, you can grab a chance to get close to furry alpacas and feed them with their favourite food without the need to travel overseas.

There are also active African pygmy goats, tame axis deers, beautiful peacocks, colourful birds, cuddly rabbits, cute guinea pigs, big ostriches and playful cats await you in their respective beautiful houses.

Step into the “longevity village” that houses a wide range of rare and giant Sulcata tortoises, which is the third largest tortoise species in the world. You can feed them with fresh vegetables while they are walking around.

In the Phantasy Quay, you can observe a white buffalo, elegant pelicans, and koi fishes in their habitats.

Come to the exhibition hall and observe the chameleon’s eyes that can move around independently, making the chameleon having two visuals at one time.

Here, you can also relive your childhood memories or have an amazing experience by trying to catch fish at the ‘Longkang Fishing’ attraction, that only available in rural areas or Malaysian village.

The farm is packed with a mix of attractions to create a more adventurous and memorable experience where everyone loves diverse and varied activities in one destination. Apart from the wide variety of tame and exotic animals, the farm offers numerous insta-worthy giant replica spots, Haunted House, Grandma Antique House and others. 

Enjoy your village life by spending your time at the colourful farm-themed tree house playground with your loved ones. The specially designed playground equipped with swings, slides, mini rides, tables and benches, putting the sparkle and wow factor into the farm. By using a colourful range of markings, it creates a virtual wonderland for children that will keep them amused, as well as adults! 

What reminds you of your grandmother’s house? Let’s head to the Grandma Antique House and have a glimpse of the ancient collections such as vintage furniture, beautiful ornaments, traditional cooking tools and more, taking you a nostalgic trip down memory lane!

You can experience Tornado phenomena in the house too. Is that cool?

Don’t miss out grandmother’s garden that houses different types of plants and a wishing well, which commonly used as water well in olden days.

Looking for spooky things in this farm? You can prepare yourself for an interactive and immersive horror experience in the Funny Haunted House! The scene inside the house could be disturbing, scary and contain strobe lights and fogs effects to create a creepy surrounding, so tour at your own risk!

Phantasy Farm is set to be the latest must visit attraction in Port Dickson for all types of visitors from all ages and walks of life. A trip to Phantasy Farm not only gains knowledge about nature, animal and plants but able to experience many fun activities like never before. It is much more than your usual petting zoo, which will create memorable memories for you with your family and friends. You can also organise educational or CSR programme in this farm!

Photos taken are mostly in early March 2020.
Please wear your mask, wash and sanitise your hands frequently, as well as keep a safe distance with others while visiting the farm. Have a safe & wonderful trip to Phantasy Farm!

Lot 3636, Jalan Pantai Batu 9,
71050 Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan.
Tel: 6016-227 8894
Facebook: Phantasy Farm 夢幻農場


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