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Immerse in the beauty of the modern Seoul with a taste of Korean tradition and culture while exploring various modern facilities in these venues for your next corporate events, gatherings or cultural events.

Dongdaemun Design Plaza, also known as DDP, is one of the world’s most impressive and incredible architectural designs located at the popular tourist destination, Dongdaemun.

DDP is an epicentre in the heart of the Korean design and creative industries, serves as a key venue for designed-related shows and conferences, exhibitions and other events, where Seoulites as well as global citizens learn about and experience the latest design trends and knowledge 

Designed by world renowned architect, Zaha Hadid, DPP has a distinct neo-futuristic design and features a walkable park on its roof, large global exhibition spaces, creative retail stores and restored part of the Seoul fortress. Boutique brands congregate in the Design Market on the first floor, with plenty of unique modern gifts and beautiful homeware products to have a look, while the Design Lab embodies the spirit of innovation.

The structure of this architecture is so dynamic that it feels like a city rather than architecture. You can enjoy a lovely and romantic walk through this area late evening. Performances with music and high-tech projections on the walls of the building are breathtaking where you can really feel like being in the center of art and technology.

Are you a fan of modern architecture? Let’s explore the available event spaces in DDP now! DDP comprises five facilities with 15 unique and flexible spaces Art Hall, Museum, Design Lab, Dongdaemun History and Culture Park and Oullium Square.

Art Hall (4,953.48 sqm)

A place that sets new design trends and promotes cultural exchange.

A venue for fashion shows, product shows, seminars, international forums, innovative ideas and performances and the creative industries, creating a new world for the people.

(i) Art Hall 1 (2,991 sqm)
The tallest building in DDP, the Art Hall 1 is the launching platform of the creative industry where product launch shows and events, fashion shows and production presentations are staged.

(ii) Art Hall 2 (1,547 sqm)
A structure characterised by beautiful curves and white walls, the Art Hall 2 can hosts diverse events including conferences, international forums and exhibitions.

(iii) International Conference Hall (414 sqm)
A multi-purpose banquet hall for events such as seminars and workshops related to large-scale events held in Art Halls 1 and 2.

Museum (7,928.49 sqm)

A place that expands the horizon of creative design.

Museum consists of spaces for exhibitions and experiences for children as well as a cafe. It is a venue where everyone can experience and learn about the origin and future of Korean design.

(i) Design Museum (1,462 sqm)
Decorated with soft and warm lighting and a bamboo floor, the venue is where visitors meet traditional Korean culture and design. 

(ii) Design Exhibition Hall (1,216 sqm)
Characterised by aesthetics created by sensuous curves and diagonals, the hall is an exhibition space to introduce cutting-edge design and fashion trends.

(iii) Design Pathway (3,358 sqm)
A 533m pathway linking B2 to floor 4, which is a symbolic space of DDP representing the organic flow of space.

Design Lab (8,206.08 sqm)

A space where design is turned into an inseparable part of life as well as business. This is where design is promoted and the latest trends begin.

Design Lab is a design and art shop where creative knowledge, trends and business are all packed into one. Visitors can buy variety of beautiful and brilliant items and meet its designers.

(i) Academy Hall (1,481 sqm)
Equipped with a collection of 13,000 books and themed furniture, the Academy Hall is a multi-purpose design activity hall where design information, knowledge and education are produced and shared. Being a flexible space, it is divided into several smaller spaces for design-related lectures, discussion forums, knowledge concerts, design clubs and workshops.

Dongdaemun History & Culture Park (4,110.60 sqm)

An eco-friendly design park where the history of Seoul is kept alive and dreams are brought to life through design.

This is a citizen’s park where visitors are accessible to the Seoul Fortress Wall, the former site of a national military institution from the Joseon period called Hadogam and museums that features relics from the past.

(i) Yigansumun Exhibition Hall (604 sqm)
Named after the Joseon drainage system called Yigansu,  the exhibition hall is a multi-purpose hall for holding diverse programs including design work exhibitions, performances, and events.

Oullim Square (5,891 sqm)

The first entrance to DDP, Oullim Square is a space where diverse cultural events are held, and is the venue for public exhibitions and where the information center is located. The space is open 24-hours  for the convenience of DDP visitors and to vitalise its neighbouring commercial district.

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