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In Korea, traditional customs continue to evolve alongside modern life, where locals and international visitors can appreciate the essence of Korean traditions and culture through various immersive experience programmes that offered in Seoul.

Modern Han, Korea’s first traditional art platform that features cultural content with the themed  “five senses”, including touch through Korean traditional costumes, sound through Korean traditional musical instruments, sight and smell through Korean crafts, and taste through Korean local cuisines.

This specialised programme enables participants to experience the beauty of Korean culture through various traditional activities in one place, including put on the hanbok, listen and learn Korean musical instruments, make diffuser and decorate the diffuser bottles with najeochigi, and taste delicious Korean dishes. One you are done for the programme, you will truly feel and look like a real Korean!

Touch – Wearing A Beautiful Hanbok

Hanbok is a traditional Korean dress for semi-formal or formal attire during traditional occasions such as festivals, celebrations and ceremonies, which is characterised by vibrant colours and simple lines without pockets. Be a day of Korean with the beautiful hanbok while immersing in various Korean cultural activities.

Hearing – Listening to Kayageum

One of the unique Korean musical instruments, Kayagum is a string instrument that fits well to the taste and sentiments of the Korean people with its resilient, soft and graceful sound and rhythmic and beautiful posture of playing. With its oldest history, Kayagum has now been refined to a modern instrument to take an important place in the development of the Korean music.

Visual & Smell – Making Najeonchilgi & Diffuser

The sense of smell and sight can be experienced through Korean crafts, where you can make a naturally scented diffuser from plants and flowers and decorate your diffuser bottle using Najeonchilgi crafts, a representative art form of Korea based on the technique of mother-of-pearl inlay.

First, the abstract from the Korean tree named “lacquer tree” is repeatedly applied upon the top of the bottle until a slick lacquer layer is formed on the surface. Designed patterns of mother-of-pearl are then inlaid followed by the topcoat. Finally, the lacquer topcoat is selectively removed to reveal the shimmering patterns. After that, you can take it home as a souvenir.

Taste – Tasting Korean Food

End your day with a delicious Korean meal fit for royalty. Before the end of the programme, you will partake in a traditional Korean meal where you will savour a wide spread of local dishes and desserts. Remember to try Tteokgalbi! Tteokgalbi is a delicious Korean dish made from beef ribs, where the meat is minced and pounded on the bone, then marinated in a sweet, salty, and savoury sauce, and then grilled or barbecued over charcoal. It is sweet, chewy, juicy and tender because the meat is already chopped into small pieces and softened.

As a future hub for K-culture business, Modern Han has showcased alternative Korean traditional contents with more than 150 professional artists and operated a K-culture lounge for local and international visitors to experience and purchase K-lifestyle products.

It has been developing unique traditional concept party culture with unique performances and exhibitions based on traditional Korean music, dance and arts. Let’s explore this unique programme and experience the evolving of Korean traditional culture.

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