Contemporary Yet Classic in PLUS Cities (Seoul to Gwangju)

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Seoul Donhwamun Traditional Theatre, a wonderful place where you can listen the sound of Korea from a range of traditional Korean music!

Named after the main gate of Changdeokgung Palace (Donhwamun), Seoul Donhwamun Traditional Theater is one of the nation’s top-notch performance stages specialising in acoustic sound traditional music. The theater is located between Changdeokgung Palace, the only palace in the nation listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and Jongmyo, a royal Confucian shrine, boasting of being refined and grandeur structure.

With a combination of traditional Hanok and modern architectural style, Seoul Donhwamun Traditional Theater consists of theater, Gugak Madang (Courtyard), cafeteria, studio and more to allow visitors to appreciate a variety of traditional music and experience Korean tradition and culture.

Enjoy the Puppet Show (Eumma Gangang) by YeonhuiGongbang. It is an omnibus puppet show featuring the traditional dolls of Namsadang Nori and modern-made dolls perform traditional arts such as Verna Noreum, Sangmo Spinning, Samulnori and more.

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