Exhibit Your Local Business at Jom LOKA 2021


Jom LOKA, a hybrid exhibition to showcase Malaysian products and services while celebrating its diverse arts and rich culture, as well as giving cherish and support to local businesses during the pandemic period. The theme of the Jom LOKA 2021 is “Cara Kita”, focusing on local products, brands and services, together with interesting activities that filled with diverse arts and culture of the different ethnic groups in Malaysia.

By using creative content and activities to inspire as many visitors to explore Malaysian products, reconnect with local art and culture and discover its unique entities. In addition, the strategic partnership with key verticals will highlight and promote local business and services, further extending the reach of the event. 

There will be more than 100 local exhibitors showcasing their signature products and services through four categories, namely Jom Fashion, Jom Tech, Jom Eat and Jom Art. 

  • Jom Fashion: fashion, fashion accessories, beauty and cosmetics, handmade jewellery, shoes and others
  • Jom Tech: e-wallet, e-marketplace, and others
  • Jom Eat: prepared food, artisan snacks, homemade food and sauces, beverage, and others
  • Jom Art: art and crafts, customised canvas, home deco, souvenir, clay arts, and others

You will be thrilled to be able to experience the diversity, and discover various Malaysian related programmes and activities here.

  • Jom LOKA.TV 
    JomLOKA.TV is a live streaming session provided for the exhibitors to share their products or services, including Jom BELI, Co-Broadcasting and Chill-Lah.
  • Chill-Lah 
    A chill session for everyone to enjoy amazing music performances from local talent singers or musicians.
  • Fuiyoh Talk
    A sharing sessions by local entrepreneurs on any interest or topic such as acts, culture, health and wellness.
  • Jom Fit
    Health and wellness exercises by fitness trainers, to further point out one’s internal and external beauty.
  • Workshops
    Creating an opportunity to learn how to make unique Malaysian antiques, collectibles and handicraft. Don’t miss out the workshop to gain new skill and knowledge.
  • Pop Up Makan
    An area for visitors to enjoy delicious food, funky and insta-worthy culinary extravaganza of flavours while enjoying performances and sharing sessions from carefully selected entertainers and speakers.
  • Lucky Draw
    Spend a minimum of RM50, in the combination of receipts, to be eligible for Lucky Draw session to win a selection of prizes.

With the strategic partnership of professional organisers and preferred venue, this event will make another big success again in coming June, so exhibitors can ride on this wave of increasing sales, and strive for better times ahead. Set to stimulate the Malaysian identities, Jom LOKA is an affordable platform for Malaysia’s Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to promote their local products and services, as well as for talents to perform and gain recognition on their incredible skill and unique expertise. If you are interested to exhibit with Jom LOKA, please contact Ms. Veronica (6010-8211002) or register at JomLOKA2021-Exhibit.

Are you excited on various amazing programmes and fun activities that lined up in Jom LOKA 2021? Mark your calendar and show your support to local businesses in Malaysia, it is guaranteed to be a fun time and be spoiled by the surprises! The entrance is FREE for all and you can register your visit at JomLOKA2021-Visitor.

Jom LOKA 2020

Since the first Movement Control Order (MCO) in March 2020, many local businesses were struggling to make ends meet, and start to promoting their products on virtual platform such as social media. During the COVID-19 pandemic, School of Hospitality students of Sunway University created Jom LOKA 2020, which was a creative virtual platform specially for these local vendors, online vendors, micro businesses and small-medium enterprises (SMEs) to promote their products and services. 

From 26 to 28 June 2020, Jom LOKA became an e-commerce platform for 50 local vendors, together with few engagement sessions such as Jom Fit (Zumba and Tabata that showcased fitness and entertaining components), Jom Dance (K-Pop dance cover competition) and Chill-lah (live entertainment sessions). Furthermore, alumni were also invited to share about their entrepreneurial experience at the Fuiyoh Talk session.  

Jom LOKA 2020 was partnered with the notable SME Corporation Malaysia, a central agency for startups, micro businesses and SMEs. This event was also sponsored by Printcious.com, an online DIY gift printing platform. In addition, the event had a corporate social responsibility (CSR) component, whereby profits from the event would be channelled to PUAK Payong, a charity organisation advocating for a safe space for children through building self-esteem, knowledge and skills. 

For more information, please visit www.jomloka.com.


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