A New Tourism Hub Opened In Seoul


The Seoul Tourism Plaza had a grand opening at the heart of the nation’s capital. It is to serve as a new hub for the tourism sector, which expects to recover effectively from the challenging time prepare for the coming years after the pandemic.

This one-stop plaza plans to provide four strong points, namely communication, governance, incubating and innovation in establishing a robust ecosystem for the local tourism industry. A tourism information center welcomes the public on the first floor with a souvenir shop. Meeting rooms and lounges throughout the plaza are to be open for classes and workshops to exchange information and knowledge.

Relevant associations and various companies from the private sector are on the plaza’s tenant list. The Seoul Tourism Organization, affiliating with the city government, also occupied to cooperate in shaping the governance of the industry together. Two floors of the plaza are for startups and professionals incubating future energy of the industry.

The plaza not only has broadcasting studios and a medical tourism promotional center for everyone, but there is also a Seoul Tourism and MICE Center to offer professional consulting and counselling services for MICE industry exclusively. As stakeholders in the tourism sector longed to have a meeting point for the industry in Seoul, the plaza is expected to play an essential role in revitalizing tourism and bouncing back strong in a combined strength.

For more information about Seoul Tourism: Please visit: www.sto.or.kr/english/index


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