MATRADE Through MITI Introduces New Initiatives Under Market Development Grant (MDG) to Sustain Malaysian Exporters During the Pandemic


Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation (MATRADE) under the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI) today announced five (5) additional initiatives under the MDG, amidst COVID-19, aimed to ensure Malaysian exporters remain resilient and can sustain themselves during this challenging period.

The six (6) initiatives of MDG to cushion the impact of covid-19 on our SMEs exporters are as follows:

  1. Addressing the increase cost for export;
  2. Facilitating participation in virtual event: international trade fair/ exhibition locally and overseas;
  3. Addressing the loss due to cancellation or postponement of export promotion activities;
  4. International Certification registration for export;
  5. Intellectual Property (IP) registration for international market; and
  6. Branding and advertising for exports that include through digital platforms.

From March 2020, that is when pandemic covid-19 was officially announced by the government, to the end of May this year, MATRADE had assisted 1,350 Malaysian SME exporters with a total of 6,810 activities, covering industries including such as furniture, palm oil products, medical products, wood products, prepared foods, machinery & equipment and engineering services. RM2.6 billion of total export was reported by these SMEs during this period. The assistance had enabled our SMEs to export their products in markets including Japan, South Korea, People’s Republic of China, Brunei, Myanmar, Laos, Indonesia, The Philippines, Canada, France, UK, UAE and Saudi Arabia.

MATRADE urged more SMEs exporters to come forward and be part of the programme. These MDG’s initiatives will commence from 15th July 2021 until end of this year. SMEs are urged to register with MATRADE as members, to enable them be more involved in MATRADE’s export promotion programmes. The membership is complimentary and registration can be via



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