Seoul Moves Forward with Experienced MICE Professionals


In 2022, Seoul’s MICE industry is ready to take on new challenges of the endemic era, to resume business in full swing. In conjunction with the SCB X SMA’s Seoul Moves Forward joint campaign, Seoul Convention Bureau (SCB) and Seoul MICE Alliance (SMA) members will work together to resume face-to-face events and restore Seoul’s MICE industry.

SCB’s 2022 slogan, “Seoul Moves Forward”, marks Seoul’s continuous efforts to lead and foster a sustainable future for the MICE industry.

Let’s have a glimpse on how SCB markets the attractive Seoul city and share on SMA members’ recovery and progress, as well as preparing SMA members and future talents to move forward with smart city technology and sustainable innovations. SCB will continue to communicate with the industry to provide the support needed, so the industry moves forward with a smooth transition into the endemic era.

2022 Seoul MICE Business Day

Seoul MICE Business Day serves as a meeting place for associations and SMA members to drive the prospects of future MICE events in Seoul. On 7th July 2022, Seoul MICE Business Day was successfully held at Josun Palace Hotel, joined by KSAE (Korean Society of Association Executives) Leadership Forum. SMA business round table and 1:1 counselling session with KSAE buyers created a special opportunity to discuss future collaborations among MICE professionals.

Establishing an active network between associations and MICE key players is an essential step in sustaining the ecosystem of the future of Seoul MICE Industry. Seoul’s MICE industry will bounce back in no time, with the coordinated efforts of SMA members. 

MICE Global Expert Mentoring Concert & Pitching Day

On 1st July 2022, MICE Global Expert Mentoring Concert & Pitching Day was successfully organised in assisting young trainees to learn and move forward in the MICE industry. During the online Mentoring Concert, the trainees played quiz games and asked questions to 5 mentors each representing PCO, PEO, CVB, Venue Management and DMC. The Pitching Session invited 77 trainees on-site and offered helpful tips for their job search including 1:1 interview and job counselling.

Beforehand, STO organised the 2022 Global MICE Expert Launch Ceremony with the slogan “To Become MICE Industry Stars” at DDP Seoul ON in a hybrid format on 10th May. The STO-led programme was initiated to prepare the MICE industry for a rapid increase in workforce demand amid prospects of a full recovery of tourism demand to pre-pandemic levels. 

The programme also designed to foster future MICE talent with knowledge and expertise in the MICE industry, growing the young participants as global MICE experts with enhanced experience of latest meeting technologies. There are 265 trainees becoming supporters and part of STO’s talent bank, taking MICE 101 and intensive courses related to MICE functions, recruiting and public relations for a period of seven months. During the seven months, the trainees will be provided field training and classroom education, as well as given opportunities to work as on-site staff in various MICE events held in Seoul, acquiring competency required of a MICE expert.

The selected candidates will be matched up with mentors from employers of their choice for practical advice on the coming MICE Global Expert Mentoring Concert & Pitching Day, a MICE mentoring concert and a contest with certifications support. Those who have obtained the “Convention Agency Level 2” certification will be eligible for subsidies for application fees. STO will also host a contest via its proprietary virtual meeting platform “Virtual Seoul 2.0.”

The demand for talent in the MICE industry is increasing as the pandemic entered a resolving stage. We will foster well-prepared MICE talent by providing robust education program along with practical field experiences as on-site staff in MICE events, said Jin-hyeok Park, STO’s MICE Bureau Team Director

2022 First Half SMA Networking Workshop

On 17th June 2022, STO hosted the “2022 SMA Networking Workshop”, giving a boost to Seoul’s tourism and MICE activity in the endemic era. Attended by more than 30 representatives from SMA members, the one-day workshop offered various activities including a visit to five SMA member venues, a business networking session and a team building programme.

Representative from MICE venues of Seoul such as Sofitel Ambassador Seoul Hotel & Serviced Residences, JW Marriott Hotel Seoul, Samcheonggak, Korean Stone Art Museum and Seoul Tourism Plaza, offer world class MICE facilities and interesting programmes specifically targeted towards the tourism and MICE industries. In addition, Namsangol Hanok Village prepared the making natural soap experiential programme to give participants an opportunity to consider “sustainability”, an essential global issue, in the context of the MICE industry and to connect with other members.

IMEX Frankfurt 2022

On the regeneration and recovery path in endemic era, STO celebrated the glorious return of face-to-face marketing in Seoul from 29th May to 2nd June 2022 at IMEX Frankfurt 2022, the world’s largest MICE trade show. At IMEX Frankfurt 2022, STO showcased Seoul as a complete convention city by offering engaging presentations and joint buyer consultations with eight SMA members and hosting informative PSAs.

The STO’s Seoul stand at IMEX Frankfurt 2022 caught the attention of global MICE professionals with exciting events featuring world-famous K-content, where visitors experienced Seoul’s vibrant culture by carving Dalgona from Squid Game, having Chimaek (Korean Fried Chicken), trying Korean Calligraphy and taking photos with the K-pop star wall!

In line with the full-scale resumption of international tourism and MICE, SCB takes the initiative on face-to-face marketing activities to attract international MICE delegates. Stay tuned for MICE trade shows below to have a face-to-face meet up with friendly SCB’s officers:

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