UPM Appoints BESarawak as First Business Events Partner


Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) is exploring new opportunities in research, commercialisation, entrepreneurship and workforce development by collaborating with Business Events Sarawak (BESarawak) as their first business events’ strategic partner to develop conventions and exhibitions.

UPM and BESarawak parties signed a memorandum of understanding under the Business Event Sarawak Alliance (BESA) to strengthen, nurture and develop business events in Malaysia’s largest state. This collaboration will expand UPM’s horizons and broaden their reach in Sarawak together with their satellite campus in Bintulu.

Sarawak has been the destination of choice for many of UPM’s past conventions and exhibitions. UPM also caught Sarawak’s attention by focusing on topics of interest to the Sarawak Government such as agriculture, basic infrastructure, transport and human capital — a few key economic sectors found in the Post Covid-19 Development Strategy (PCDS) 2030.

UPM’s Vice-Chancellor, Yang Hormat Dato’ Prof. Dr. Mohd Roslan bin Sulaiman, stated that collaborations are part of UPM’s Strategic Plan to boost industry and community network services. “UPM is strengthening collaborations with synergistic partners in organising conferences and business events, especially in Sarawak, to achieve the university’s goal of improving our country’s industries and society.”

“BESarawak’s support goes beyond helping planners to develop their events. We want them to make the most out of it,” said BESarawak’s CEO, Amelia Roziman. “The intangible values of business events are just as important as economic returns and we want to help planners design their legacies effectively. I am very proud to see UPM’s legacy unfolding with this collaboration.”

Sarawak’s secured events target is 90 and as of date, 57 events have been secured with an estimated total economic impact of RM 93.3 million and 13,625 new job opportunities. Topics will touch mainly on commercial agriculture, social services and education under PCDS 2030. Community & social, sectoral and political legacies are expected to be derived and will achieve the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals in Good Health and Well-Being; Quality Education, and Decent Work and Economic Growth.

Out of the 84 business events scheduled to be hosted this year, 42 events have concluded bringing in RM95 million in total economic impact and 6,572 job opportunities.


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