Seoul, The Ultimate MICE Destination


During the pandemic, Seoul’s achievement was a result of proactively extending support to MICE companies and taking preparatory actions for safety. Moving forward, Seoul Tourism Organization (STO) will continue to develop various content and projects to help Seoul make a leap forward as the World’s best MICE city.

Seoul is the ultimate MICE destination, where you can plan your  memorable MICE events here with endless K-experiences. 

Let’s explore the hidden meaning of the word of SEOUL that available for everyone,  whether you are a business or leisure traveller.

S : Sustainable Support

Seoul Convention Bureau (SCB)’s 2022 slogan, “Seoul Moves Forward”, marks Seoul’s continuous efforts to lead and foster a sustainable future for the MICE industry. In the endemic era, Seoul’s MICE industry is ready to take on new challenges and resume business in full swing, creating sustainable MICE environment with local and international alliances and endless Seoul Tourism Organization (STO)’s supports. Sustainable Seoul MICE industry with multi-layered alliances and supports:

  • Seoul MICE Alliance (SMA)
  • Hybrid City Alliance
  • Asia Convention Alliance

The founding members of the Asia Convention Alliance (ACA) gathered for the second time at IMEX America 2022, one of the largest trade shows in North America for the meetings and events industry.

“It has been an absolute honour to be part of the Asia Convention Alliance over the past year since we had our first MoU with TCEB last September. The partnership between ACA member destinations has been helpful overcoming difficult time together with our effective collaboration and cooperation. With diverse knowledge and business exchange opportunities, Seoul Tourism Organization is looking forward to our further collaboration activities expected in near future. We firmly believe that our strong bond will contribute beneficial aspects towards increasing the competitiveness of MICE industry in Asia. Also, further MoU signings with MyCEB and TAITRA will bring more business opportunities to each member destination,” said Mr. Ki Yon Kil, President and CEO of Seoul Tourism Organization.

Furthermore, Seoul MICE industry’s priority is geared towards hygiene and safety, promoting Seoul as a safe MICE destination for event planners to host their business events seamlessly under strict safety measures, with the support of PLUS SEOUL support programme. The Seoul MICE Safety Care Service is a package of various insurances in which the participants find reassurance with medical care, travel related and language services. From the moment you step into Seoul, Seoul’s exclusive airtight protection for your safety is ON.

E : Eco-friendly

In supporting sustainability, Seoul city performing well both in terms of sustainability of its natural and social environment and its people, by taking eco-friendly steps forwards as green transformation is an important value worth pursuing for the future. Since 1990s, Seoul has embarked on a series of projects to rejuvenate its deteriorating neighbourhoods, reclaimed its abandoned spaces, restored its natural greenery and streams and transformed its car-oriented transportation system to one that prioritize walking, cycling and public transport services. 

These efforts have helped the city become more vibrant and sustainable, and improved the quality of life of citizens. The beautiful city also offers various sustainable activities and eco-friendly programs for individual travelers, corporate groups and MICE delegates, including e-bike riding.

Seoul MICE Alliance (SMA) members introduced eco-friendly brands and diverse up-cycling products to help local stake holders operate in more sustainable ways including event planning, minimizing the use of disposable goods and increase the use of fair trade products. Let’s drive greener and more sustainable travel during your visit to Seoul.

On 30th May 2021, the Korean government hosted the 2021 P4G (Partnering for Green Growth and the Global Goals 2030) Seoul Summit virtually, with a corresponding onsite event at the Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP) in central Seoul. Leaders committed to pursuing collective solutions for a green transition through the signing of #SeoulDeclaration.

O : Online – Digitalization

Being recognized for its excellence in IT technology and quarantine, Seoul became one of the most preferred destination for MICE events in 2021 with 265 international meetings held in Seoul. In 2021, Seoul also became the most prolific MICE city, overtaking Singapore that had long been the center of MICE in Asia and beating Tokyo that has newly emerged as a strong competitor.

South Korea is one of the most digitally connected societies in the world, and STO won the “2021 Special Award for Digital Resiliency” for its leading role in digital transformation in the tourism and MICE sectors with its “Virtual MICE Infrastructure” project named “Virtual Seoul”. In digital transformation era, Seoul was the first city that extended its innovative destination marketing for having built and distributed Virtual Seoul for MICE industry players to host MICE events online by moving in-person MICE events suspended due to the pandemic to the virtual platform. 

Since the first event UIA Round Table Asia-Pacific 2020 was successfully hosted on Virtual Seoul platform in September 2020, the Virtual Seoul 1.0 well received attention locally and globally, and the latest Virtual Seoul 2.0 continuously impressed the world with numerous local and international events that were successfully held on this MICE metaverse platform. Over the prolong pandemic, Seoul is making steady steps moving further and accumulating experiences of hosting different types of international virtual and hybrid events. Check out the Asian Congress of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery (ACOMS) 2022, a medical symposium held successfully in a hybrid format using MICE metaverse platform Virtual Seoul.

In addition, you can check out the Virtual Seoul Tour, an immersive and experiential content for you to experience the MICE city of Seoul vividly with its 360o VR videos on SCB’s website.

Unique K-experience

As Korean wave gains popularity globally, the Hallyu program in Seoul is a must-have in your to-do list in Seoul. Organise Your Event in K-style Venues:

Museum / Gallery
Connect With Korean Heritage and History

As the repository for over 5,000 years of Korean art, culture and history, Seoul’s unique museums and galleries are dedicated to preserve, research, exhibit and globally promote the significance and essential cultural heritage of Korea ranging from the Gojoseon period by ancient Korean kingdom to the Joseon dynasty, the last and most recent dynasty of Korea. Let’s connect with Korean heritage in new ways, then experience, enjoy, appreciate and understand the chronology of Korean history and arts.

Up-close with Traditional Korean Architectural Beauty

Hanok, traditional Korean houses that first designed and built in the 14th century during the Joseon Dynasty. Nestled in the natural surrounding with traditional settings, Seoul’s Hanok House is one-of-a-kind venue for business meetings, banquets and smaller gatherings, offering unique vibes and traditional cultural experiences such as templestay, Korean tea ceremony and more.

Excite with Attractive Hallyu Programmes

As Korean wave gains popularity globally, the Hallyu programme offers a significant opportunity for you to understand Korean culture and arts. Let’s explore how the Korean wave colors its entertainment and culture in Seoul, from traditional to trendy Korean music and dances, traditional performing arts, Korean cuisine and craft works.

  • Learn traditional K-performance or be a day K-dancer or K-pop singer in Seoul
  • Join cooking class, where you can tour through local market and learn how to cook K-cuisines
  • Explore unique K-arts or K-crafts activities such as mother-of-pearl lacquerware, Hanji craft and K-painting 

Dine & Wine With Amazing View

Rooftop, a healing space with exotic ambiance in the Seoul city where you can create alluring moments for any memorable business event or a relaxing gathering and oh-so-romantic occasion.

Let’s experience the true taste of rooftop venues and elevate your dining experience by enjoying a backdrop of striking night view of signature Seoul’s landmarks to the luxurious view of Seoul’s skyline, while accompanied by a range of delicious cuisines and your soothing beverage of choice!

Unique Architecture
Immerse in the Creative Architectural Design 

By pursuing innovative ideas, you can immerse in the beauty of the modern Seoul while exploring various innovative facilities in these venues for your next related themed corporate events, gatherings or cultural events.

Unwind in Beautiful Natural Landscape

In taking eco-friendly steps, numerous Seoul’s places designed with a sustainable approach and offers nature-based experiences. The eco-friendly venues creates the perfect outdoor space or indoor space for sustainability-related and environmental friendly events in Seoul.Explore these unique venues for your urban activities or special events, melding together with its natural landscape or beautiful scenic panoramic city view.


Discover bleisure charms of Seoul from its culture and history to natural landscapes for lasting bonds and memorable stories.

The Seoulite Experience in Dynamic Seoul City:

  • Discover the History of the Joseon Dynasty
  • Immerse in the Nature or Go for K-hiking
  • Fall In Love with the Beauty of Hangang River
  • Savour the Taste of Seoul
  • Capture the Signature Landmark of Seoul
  • Explore the Hidden Treasures in Local Alleyways

Plan your memorable MICE events in Seoul with endless K-experiences

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