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In order to recover the MICE industry and support Seoul MICE Alliance members (SMAs) successfully, Seoul Tourism Organization (STO) positioned itself as a MICE crises management and support organisation through #Seoul_Moves_Forward campaign.

Under the slogan of  ‘#Seoul_Moves_Forward’, the STO introduced various programmes to strengthen the cooperation system among SMA members to build a Sustainable Seoul MICE ecosystem and create new businesses opportunities for the post-pandemic era. Moreover, STO has created new businesses opportunities based on continuous information sharing, communication and cooperation with SMAs.

2022 SCB X SMA Social Media Marketing Campaign

Themed ‘#Seoul_Moves_Forward’, the 2022 SCB X SMA social media marketing campaign promotes SMA members to local public and international MICE professionals and supports sustainable innovations in Seoul’s MICE industry. There are more than 50 SMA members actively participated in the marketing campaign via their offline venues and social media channels. Let’s have a glimpse on the 2022 ‘Seoul Moves Forward’ campaign that summed up in the video below.

SMA Members’ Day

On 24th November 2022, Seoul MICE Alliance Annual General Meeting (SMA Members’ Day) was successfully held offline at Sofitel Ambassador Seoul Hotel & Serviced Residence, inviting SMA members to an annual year-end meeting. The SMA Member’s day was attended by approximately 257 SMA members and stakeholders to celebrate the successful of Seoul Moves Forward campaign together and help Seoul’s MICE industry take the next big leap in 2023.

The general meeting featured a presentation on MICE industry trends, a briefing on PLUS CITIES, SMA Networking Session and the first announcement of Seoul MICE Mid-term Development Plan that received great response. The productive programme included:
– MICE Now: Insight UP, The Next Level
– Road to Success 
– Link Together! A connection between you and me!
– Members’ Night Glow Together, SMA

For a sustainable MICE event, a name card, a photo wall and a community sharing campaign SMA Donate Earth, a community sharing campaign (SMA Give us, Give Earth) to practice ESG management. The “SMA Give us, Give Earth” campaign delivers the social contribution message of the SMAs, which donated the 2022 SMA MICE annual registration fees along with items and stationary sponsored by SMA members to children foundations.

Video on The SMA Members’ Day:

MICE Award @ Korea MICE Expo (KME) 2022

In the Korea MICE Expo 2022, the Seoul Tourism Organization (STO) won the Excellent MICE Alliance category for the Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Award at the 20th Korea MICE Awards on its endless support for Seoul’s MICE industry throughout the pandemic. Subsequently, buyers of participating organizations at KME 2022 selected the STO as Best Promotion (Excellent Meeting ‘Silver’) in recognition of its excellence in event management.

In regards to the winning of the MICE award, STO has revitalised networking among SMA members in 2022 and established MICE partnership through joint marketing activities locally and internationally, which was highly praised for creating new business opportunities through such process.

The success of the collaboration between the STO and SMA members has also been proven in tangible results. The cumulative number of SMA member companies’ participation in joint marketing activities reached 277, and 68 companies participated in the making of SMA promotional content, achieving a total engagement of 2.7 million (as of September). A total of 46 companies (67 cases) supported domestic or overseas media promotion and news article preparation, and a total of 40 companies uploaded 61 posts for the SMA & STO joint campaign.

Moreover, STO supported 73 international conferences held in Seoul and consistently offered endless support for SMA members, including 221 cases of expert advice in legal and labor matters and 44 cases of consulting. In addition, the STO and SMA members managed to secure a total of 14 events with approximately 15,000 visitors, including the 2026 International Parkinson and Movement Disorder Society Congress with 6,000 participants.

In order to open up new business opportunities, a total of 394 buyer meetings were made by supporting SMA’s participation in MICE exhibition and business meetings held locally and internationally. For building a sustainable ecosystem, a new set of qualitative criteria such as contribution to the local community and eco-friendly MICE events were applied for the first time in selecting financial support recipients among internal conferences.

Throughout the year 2022, STO has actively supported Seoul’s MICE industry throughout the pandemic, achieving concrete and tangible results. Let’s move forward together with a great success in year 2023!

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