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Make the most out of your bleisure visit to Seoul by trying a couple of amazing activities along Han River or experience the unique Korean cultural activities that offered by newly joint Seoul MICE Alliance (SMA) members in 2020. You will have a thrill of excitement and behave like a real Korean through their customised K-programme for your bleisure trip in Seoul!

Nodeul Island, an uninhabited artificial island in the Han River that located between Seoul’s Yongsan and Dongjak districts, which can be easily accessed by car or on foot via the Hangang Grand Bridge. The history of the island goes back to the early 20th century when it was made artificially to support the Hangang Bridge constructed in 1917 by the Japanese government. The man-made island was a popular spot for family events before it became desolate for more than half a century since 1960s, and recently it was revamped as a recreational complex.

On 28 September 2019, a music-based integrated cultural complex opened on the island, offering locals and visitors with more opportunities to enjoy music and other cultural performances.

The new cultural complex consists of an outdoor music space that can accommodate about 3,000 people and a 456-seat live pop concert hall, as well as fashion studios, artists’ workshops, markets, book stands, restaurants, food culture salons and a multipurpose hall.

The 120,000 sqm Nodeul Island has an ecological park where you can experience a glimpse of rural life in the middle of city.

A wild island in metropolis, a piece of nature abandoned from the city, floating in the dreams of its dwellers, this is how people visualise Nodeul Island’s past and future! Now, the island is a unique place for urban activities or special events, melding together with its natural landscape and breathtaking view of Han River.

Golden Blue Marina, a place to relax with exciting yacht experience and be in harmony with the breathtaking Han River on Banpo Sebitseom Island, the world’s first floating cultural space. Choose from luxury yacht or party boat, the gracefully designed vessel makes for the perfect venue to host a multitude of events over the blue ocean of Seoul from parties, banquets to special occasions, together with luxurious catering service. There are just so much in life worth celebrating, let’s hop onboard!

A range of boats or yachts offer an intimate space and relaxing environment to enjoy a cool breeze from the river during the daytime, a stunning view of golden sunset at the Han River or a glittering night scenery of Seoul City that enlighten by magnificent Some Sevit, as well as colourful Moonlight Rainbow Fountain show from Banpo Hangang Bridge in the night.

Princess Yacht, also known as the floating hotel in Han River with its luxurious interior and stylish exterior. It is the largest yacht that can cater a large group of 10 to 11 people, offering the magnificent view of Han River from various directions, both inside and outside.

Cinderella Yacht can accommodate up to 11 people but perfect for small groups of 7 to 8 people to enjoy the private yacht tour in a relaxing atmosphere.

Rosella Yacht can accommodate up to 31 people and hast the lowest wave resistance, which is highly recommended for group events.

Limousine boat’s open style structure is perfect for families, friends, couples and groups to enjoy the gentle breeze of Han River, as well as charming sunset view and spectacular Seoul city scenery for a memorable evening. The boat can accommodate up to 11 people and tables are available for outdoor picnic with simple food.

Whaly Boat is able to fit 4 people and its fast speed can be over 100 km/h! Drive the boat yourself and enjoy one of the best water leisure sports in Han River.

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