Cruise Into The History of Melaka Via Melaka River Cruise


One of the must-visit attractions in Melaka, Melaka River Cruise offers visitors a great way to enjoy riverside views of historical city centre at a leisurely pace, as well as gain an insight into the culture and lifestyle of the locals.

Melaka River was the beginning point of the “Sultanate of Melaka” empire and leading Melaka into its colourful and glorious history. It started with Parameswara, a young prince, who was impressed by the bravery of a white deer that outsmart his dogs, and decided to establish his new empire here in early 1400’s. He named the settlement as Melaka after the Melaka Tree that he sat under during the incident, and the trees are mainly grew by the banks of Melaka River.

With his experienced wisdom, Parameswara managed to rule Melaka to become among the greatest empires throughout the southeast region after establishing his palace on the east-bank of the river at the foot of St.Paul’s Hill, then known as Melaka Hill. Since then Melaka City grew along the Melaka River, which became a historical legend from a small, sleepy river settlement. 

The 45-minute boat tour will cruise up and down the historic 9km long Melaka River daily from 9am to 11pm. The boats cruise across the town and past historic buildings, like seeing Melaka from the back door.

The day cruise allows visitors to appreciate the details of the natural beauty of the historical city while the night cruise offers opportunity to enjoy the cooling panoramic view with decorative lightings and lighted bridges. And the evening cruise will enable visitors to have a nice sunset view. 

The cruise operates from Taman Rempah (Spice Garden) and Dataran Sungai Melaka (Melaka River Square), both jetties are located on the banks of the Melaka River. The journey begins from the Spice Garden to Melaka River mouth and turned back to the Spice Garden or otherwise. From whichever jetty you commence your boat, the cruise will take you for a wonderful ride offering tranquil views of colonial buildings, antiquated shophouses, ancient bridges, modern landscapes, Kampung Morten Malay village, mosques and churches, local settlements, old buildings with mural paintings, riverside cafes and hotels, mangrove swap and the inspiring Flor de La Mar, a replica of the old Portuguese ship which houses a museum.

All of these interesting sites can only be treasured and cherished when you experience it personally. Let’s have a glimpse into the magnificent views of the Melaka River along the cruise. 

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